Personal Finance Simply Understood for 10 Bucks


Available for a mere $10 here: , or at Amazon and others for $15…

This is the book I should have read 40 years ago. It really is an easy read because it is written in a vernacular we can all understand. When I was first approached about reviewing this book, I thought it is probably going to be boring and that will make it a difficult read. NOT SO! In fact, quite the contrary. It is loaded with graphs and charts, lending real credence to “a picture paints 1,000 words.”

This is a book that should be found in every home in America. – Hooked On Books

A straightforward debut guidebook to securing good financial health. Simber’s highly accessible book about smart financial planning… Other books feature flamboyant, overly opinionated authors, but Simber is matter-of-fact without being judgmental, and there’s nothing preachy about his style. Instead, he explains his subject to his readers respectfully and without hyperbole.

A practical, no-nonsense advice book that will help readers spend their time and money wisely. – Kirkus Reviews

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