Personal Finance Software

Our financial goals are often very general such as “be out of debt” or “get a better handle on our money”. If we don’t have a clear picture of where we are and where we’re headed, the chances that we’re making progress in the right direction are pretty slim. In fact, we could be slipping in the wrong direction without knowing it. We need to review our whole financial picture in order to strategize and form a plan, and work to the plan. The Jazer 100 personal finance application provides these capabilities and much more…

Although Jazer 100 provides a large amount of capability, the program is designed with an easy to use intuitive flow. A sample data file is included and the User Manual walks through each area using the sample data. Calculations are automated, and data entered once is populated to other windows. The program also includes pop-up help and explanations.

The data files are encrypted and under our control, and can be password protected for added security. The program does not use the internet to send, receive, or store personal data, or log into personal accounts.

Jazer personal finance programs are complete personal finance management solutions designed to provide simplified single-source financial planning, analysis, strategizing, and reporting capability including the following segments and capabilities:

  • Budget Determination and Analysis
  • Balance Sheet and Net Worth Calculations
  • Debt Elimination Planning, Forecasting, and Tracking
  • Mortgage and Amortization Analysis and Tracking
  • Loan Tracking and Forecasting (4 individual segments)
  • Savings and Investment Performance Tracking
  • Investment Portfolio Analysis and Details
  • Asset Allocation Management
  • Investment Forecasting and Tracking
  • Retirement Income and Expense Planning
  • Savings Longevity Analysis
  • Economic Value Determination
  • Survivorship Planning and Analysis
  • Tax Journal and Deduction Tracking

Jazer Solutions finance programs will benefit:

  • Anyone with the desire to proactively manage their personal finances
  • Anyone looking to form, execute, and track debt elimination plans
  • Anyone creating or tracking a savings plan or developing financial goals
  • Anyone interested in tracking investment performance, strategizing portfolio composition, and managing asset allocation and diversification
  • Anyone who is teaching personal finance
  • Anyone who is retired or planning to retire someday
  • Accountants and Advisors who provide personal finance services



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