5 Job Hunting Axioms

ONE: It’s easier to find a job when you have a job. Statistics prove this out, and I think it has a lot to do with our attitude more than anything else. When we’re on an interview and we already have a job, we’re more confident. We don’t really need the position. We’re interested in […]

The 6 Elements of Survivorship Planning

Survivorship planning is an often overlooked area of personal finance. when it is considered, it’s usually limited to large obligations like a mortgage. But there are many smaller items that could add up to a large financial burden for our survivor. We should start by analyzing the ability of our dependents to continue financially without us […]

Is there any point in saving?

With interest rates staying at all time lows, we may be tempted to look at saving as a no-win situation. Monies deposited just aren’t accumulating any interest and with an annual inflation rate around 2%, aren’t we actually losing money on our savings? The short answer is yes, but a more prudent answer lies with the […]

Establishing Financial Goals

For some people, their financial goals are to someday be out of debt or have a better handle on their financial situation. But these types of goals don’t lend themselves to an achievable plan, and progress can’t be measured. When we establish financial goals, we assess the things that we need and want in life […]

Do I need Life Insurance?

The short answer is maybe, since it depends on the answers to a few simple questions.  Are there family members who will need to be cared for financially when we die? Will our survivors or beneficiaries inherit debt such as a mortgage or personal or car loan? Do we already have a large policy through […]

Developing a Portfolio

When we think of a portfolio, we often think of a list of stocks and bonds, and yet our portfolio should contain much more than a snap-shot of our current asset positions and investments. It should provide the ability to plan, forecast, track, status, and strategize using our trend information, asset allocations, benchmark data, and […]