Jazer 100 – Personal Finance Software

Jazer 100 Personal Finance Software is available to help you track spending and saving, create a budget, monitor debt including mortgages, and forecast investments.

Jazer 100™ is a complete personal finance management solution designed to provide a simplified single-source financial analysis and management tool: a personal tool-set to analyze, manage, plan, and track personal financial information. The flow and interaction of the various windows simplify information update and analysis, and ensure accuracy across the various sections. It is a secure, stand-alone program that does not utilize the internet to send or retrieve personal or secure information. It does not attach itself to bank or investment accounts, or pass personal data and passwords across the internet. The Jazer 100 data file is an encoded file, which is controlled and stored by the user, and can be password protected. The program is designed for regular data updates as a prudent step in personal finance awareness and management.

The equations used for calculations are industry standard financial equations utilizing a very high level of precision. Jazer 100 incorporates these equations into an intuitive and interactive tool-set that simplifies the management process through interactive linkages while consolidating the information.

Jazer 100 does not use the internet to transmit any personal data, nor does it link to any website or bank account. The data is entered manually with the premise that:

If we’re not entering the data, then we’re not reviewing the data.

To maintain the low price, Jazer Solutions does not accommodate online sales or downloads.

To receive a copy, send a check to Jazer Solutions for $25.00 at the address below. Upon receipt, a flash drive will be shipped to you with instructions for installation on your computer. The software can be installed on any computer running the Windows operating system, and can be installed on multiple computers. A complete User Manual is installed with the software and is accessible from the program’s menu.

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