Personal Finance Software

Our financial goals are often very general, like “be out of debt” or “get a better handle on our money”. If we don’t have a clear picture of where we are and where we’re headed, the chances that we’re making progress in the right direction are pretty slim. In fact, we could be slipping in the wrong direction. We need a way to get our arms around the whole financial picture, and then strategize, plan, and work the plan.

Jazer 100 is a complete personal finance management solution designed to provide a simplified single-source financial analysis and management tool: a personal tool-set to analyze, manage, plan, and track personal financial information.

The program is designed for people who truly want to manage their finances, know where their money is going, plan how they use their money, and try “what-if?” scenarios with savings, mortgages, debt payments, and retirement accounts to determine the best course of action.

Jazer 100 gives us the ability assess where we are right now, and plan for the future including the ability to try different scenarios to determine our best course of action. Comment on this site for information to obtain this tool suite and start managing your finances. A few of the sections are shown below.

Jazer 100 Sample Windows

Easy to Use!

The flow and interaction of the various windows simplify information update and analysis, and ensure accuracy across the various sections. The program includes a comprehensive help file, and throughout the program there are highlighted pop-up hints and explanations.


Jazer 100 data is encoded, controlled and stored by you, and can be password protected for additional security. It is a secure, stand-alone program that does not utilize the internet to send or retrieve personal or secure information. It does not attach itself to bank or investment accounts, or pass personal data and passwords across the internet


  • Budget Development and Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Debt Elimination Tracking and Forecasting
  • Mortgage Analysis and Tracking
  • Loan Analysis and Tracking
  • Monthly Financial Analysis and Tracking
  • Savings Growth Tracking ad Analysis
  • Investment Performance Tracking
  • Investment Portfolio Details Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Portfolio Return Forecasting
  • Retirement Savings Planning
  • Retirement Budget Planning
  • Retirement Expense Analysis
  • Savings Longevity Analysis and Tracking
  • Economic Value & Survivorship
  • Advanced Calculators
  • Tax Journal
  • Personal Note Pad
  • And more

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