Splurge a little for the Holidays?

Did you splurge a little or a little too much for the Holidays? Did you set a limit this year, and if so, did you spend above it? In the coming weeks, the news will be filled with statistics about whether holiday spending was up or down this year and how retailers were affected. But […]


The 10 Basics of Personal Finance

The basics of personal finance are a new focus for many people, and sadly for some out of necessity. Across our nation efforts to spend less, save more, and reduce debt are helping individuals to gain some control and stability. For many it’s a long hard road, but forming good financial habits will have life-long […]

Spending and Lifstyle Decisions

Spending and Lifestyle Decisions The most important factor in managing our personal finances is our control over where our money is going. Before we can establish financial goals or move forward with a financial plan, we need to be honest with ourselves about our spending habits. And our spending habits are most often driven by […]