New Year, New $tart

If you’re starting off the New Year BookCoverwith a commitment to better financial management, you might want to pick up a copy of my book Personal Finance Simply Understood. The book is a cohesive walk through every area of personal finance. I have posted blogs about debt elimination, compound interest, and saving, and each post contains information related to its topic and provides practical concepts within certain boundaries, but it’s still a piece of the whole. In my book, I examine the relationships and effects that each of the pieces have on one another, and how we can use them to our advantage.

There are many sections to personal finance, but the most important factor in managing our money is having control over where it’s going. Before we establish financial goals or move forward with a financial plan, we need to have firm control of our spending habits and a clear picture of our expenses. The first four chapters address these topics and expose natural phenomenon that work against us including the psychology of advertising, and our shopping and buying habits. In addition, our lifestyle choices play an important role, as well as our aversion to maintaining a budget.

The focus of the media and the majority of mainstream thinking today are contrary to sensible personal finance and achieving financial independence. Once we expose this and replace the hype with sound financial principles, we can evaluate our financial situation and establish plans toward financial independence based on our own financial situation. Personal Finance Simply Understood provides the basis, mechanics, and reasoning behind the steps to accomplish this, while providing examples, charts, graphs, and simple language.

The comments I have received from readers and the formal reviews that the book has received have been very positive. I think you’ll find a very wise investment…especially at $9.99.

Personal Finance Simply Understood is available at most book stores and at Amazon, or for just $9.99 at


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